Our online tool is a no obligation questionnaire that will collect helpful information about your situation for our lawyers, while also providing you with customised and immediate information relevant to your issue.

If you wish to proceed with getting assistance from one of our team, your initial information submitted will be provided to the lawyer of your choice. This saves you time and money, by equipping your lawyer with all the information needed to advise you in the first meeting and to get started on your brief, immediately.

Please be aware that if you progress with instructing our firm, a disbursement charge of $99 applies for this service (charged by the software provider). No charge applies if you do not instruct the firm, or if you only complete the first section of the questionnaire. We are confident this charge represents excellent value for money as fully completing the questionnaire saves several hours of legal work ordinarily spent taking a detailed history. Please contact us if you have any questions about this service.